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Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

Pregnancy graces most expectant moms that celebrated “glow” that can make one look brighter. Your hormones are partly responsible for this. This is actually due to the increase in the blood volume that draws more blood towards the skin that gives you that radiant look. However, the hormonal imbalance that you experience during pregnancy can also trigger some unusual changes in your skin.

Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

However your skin responds to your condition — whether you turned out to have oily or dry skin, or whether dark patches start appearing on your face, you still have reasons to feel and look good. Just put on some makeup and you will see your frown will turn to a smile. It will be easy for you to step out of your room as you will find it easier to accept what’s ahead of you once you have learned how easy it is to have a mood-lift by just doing these simple makeup tips.

Enhance those eyes

Let those eyes sparkle. Nights will seem longer as your baby begins to develop within your tummy. Those sleepless nights will leave unsightly traces on your face, especially on your eyes. To remove the eye bags and dark circles that result from fewer hours of sleep, you can apply some nourishing eye cream before your tinted moisturizer. After that, you can dab some concealer or corrector on the area using your index and middle fingers. This will brighten your look instantly.

More those eyes look larger

With a sweep of an eyeliner on top of her lashes to define those eyes. Use an eyelash curler to make your eyes look more attractive. A quick tip: use a hair blow dryer to heat the lash curler before clamping your lashes with it. Make sure it has cool down a bit though or you might burn your eyelid. Then put on a black lash-coating mascara. Make sure not to clump the mascara on your lashes.

Conceal pigmentations with a corrective concealer

Use one that will blend well with the tone of your skin. Then apply a light foundation to be set with a fixing powder. This will give a uniform glow to your face.

Don’t forget the neck, nape, and around your ears

Apply makeup evenly on your face, including these areas. Make sure that there is no cakey application anywhere as well and that all makeup products are blended well on your skin.

Create that perfect sun-kissed look

Just apply some shades of blush or a touch of bronzer to create the look. You can use either of these two as a two-in-one product: as a cheek stain and an instant lip tint. It’s more practical, less time consuming as you will be saving a few seconds for not having to look for another lip color. Doing this will also create a more natural look in seconds.

Time for some lip lifters

For a fresh look, you can use a light-colored lip gloss to complete the look. Opt for a lip gloss that’s made with natural moisturizers. If you would rather have a brighter shade, look for a long-lasting lipstick so you won’t need to retouch often.

Find the shades that work best with you

Preparing a customized makeup palette will allow you to put on some shades of color quicker and easier.

Keep hydrated to keep your skin moisturized

Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

Drink water at regular intervals. This will also help flush the toxins out and keep your skin looking fresh and healthy throughout the day.

Go natural

Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

When buying makeup products, look for healthier options. It is best to use fragrant-free products as well as those that are made from natural ingredients. Herbal beauty products are your best choice.

Check what’s on your makeup

Make sure to read the label to see if there is anything unhealthy for your skin. Anything that would be too difficult to read might also be harmful to your skin.


Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

Your makeup will look best whenever you wear a smile on your face. It will also make you feel better. If you feel better, it will be easier for you to think clearer.

You are now ready to go and conquer the day.

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