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Is Lipstick Safe for Pregnant Women to Use?

Now that you’re pregnant, a couple of things may have crossed your mind. Such as your personal lifestyle choices, and the routines you follow on a day to day basis. You’re concerned about how all these choices have an impact on your growing baby, so you consider eating healthier or choosing a safe lipstick for pregnancy.

Women can still find ways to enhance their overall appearances through makeup and beauty routines, even during pregnancy. But some changes need to take place, especially with the products used. This is because much of the cosmetic products available to us now can contain ingredients that can be risky to a fetus’ development.

Choosing the Right Lipstick

We all know the bold effect of wearing bright red lipstick. But new studies are being released showing that many commercially-manufactured lipstick contain traces of lead and other types of metal. Depending on color of the lipstick, you may also find traces of nickel, chromium, copper, cobalt, aluminum, titanium, and cadmium.

Unfortunately, the common lipstick colors that are known to contain the most traces of these metals are vibrant pink and the richest red lipsticks.

Having too much lead in your system can have a risky effect on your pregnancy, often leading to miscarriages. Also, it may trigger early labor and cause the premature birth of your child. This is why it’s important to keep away from anything with lead when you’re pregnant.

We’re not saying you should give up using lipstick altogether. The good news is that some manufacturers produce lipsticks that are free from metals or any dangerous chemicals. All it takes is to do a quick Google search and you’ll be introduced to the many brands and products that offer organic and metal-free lipsticks in different lovely shades.

Be Careful When Using Nail Polish

Because of the strong scent of nail polish, many pregnant women often worry if the products are safe to use during pregnancy. However, there isn’t any conclusive evidence showing that nail polish can have a negative effect on the unborn baby.

But if you want to be on the safe side, check if the nail polish you’re buying is “3-free”. These are products that don’t contain dibutyl phthalate, toluene, or formaldehyde. These three chemicals are notorious for many health-related concerns. They’ve been linked to endocrine disruption, respiratory problems, and cancer.

The good news is that larger cosmetic companies are now producing safer products that are free of these three chemicals. One good place to shop for these products are organic stores. Just remember that they tend to fade away faster than normal nail polish.

You Can Still Keep Using Concealer

Pregnant women often have skin problems due to the hormonal changes they go through. Dark spots and skin discolorations can appear all over your face, and they can be very unsightly. The popular solution to this is to use concealer to cover up these problems and have fairer-looking skin.

According to WebMD, most types of concealers you can buy in pharmacies and makeup aisles are safe for pregnant women to use. But because of your changing hormones, you may notice that you’re more sensitive to some products compared to before. If so, consider seeing a dermatologist. He or she can recommend skin care or cosmetic products that are safe to use throughout your pregnancy.

You Don’t Have to Change Your Makeup Routine Completely

It doesn’t take a lot of research to find out that almost everything you’re exposed to inside and outside of home can be harmful to your unborn child. This is why most moms make a complete change in lifestyles in an effort to eliminate all possible risks.

However, even though choosing to buy safe lipstick for pregnancy is a step in the right direction, that doesn’t mean you should overhaul your entire makeup collection in one day. What you can do is check the ingredients list of your current cosmetic products and see if they’re mostly pregnancy-safe. If you buy products from reputable brands, there’s a large chance that the products you’re using are already safe. Don’t worry about spending more cash for quality makeup. Your body, as well as your growing baby, will appreciate the healthier choices you make.

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