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Is It Safe to Dye the Hair When Pregnant?

So you want to make some radical changes with the way you look? You think black is too boring and you want to see some bold shades on your top. No, not just some streaks but you want your bob or your layered mane take some purplish or reddish hue. You look in the mirror and you say to yourself, “that will be great”. You look from your head to your toe and you realized that you are pregnant. Is it safe to dye the hair when pregnant? That is the question that you need an immediate response at the moment.

Almost every pregnant woman experience hormonal imbalance during pregnancy and it is not improbable that you will as well. This erratic hormonal behavior causes drastic changes in the skin, hair, and nails. There are times when the changes are rather more appealing, however. For many women, pregnancy becomes a periodic transition that brings unacceptable developments. For instance, the hair, nails, and skin become so dry and lifeless. More falling hair strands are experienced, unsightly blemishes, and brittle nails.

These are common experiences that many pregnant women go into the trouble of having something done to their hair to make them feel better. Hair coloring is found to be one of the most interesting, next to having the hair done. But again the question arises, are the ingredients used to make a hair dye safe to the baby inside the mother’s womb?

What do health authorities say about this?

Many pregnant mothers would say that their hairs become more fuller and shinier, but with the reminders that many health experts would give would leave us begging a better answer when it comes to the question of having a hair dye when one is pregnant. Even the research conducted by the National Cancer Institute indicated that the evidence linking cancer to hair dye is limited and also conflicting. The Mayo Clinic also suggests that there is no real danger in using dyes on your hair.

Is there any other option to achieve a different shade for your hair?

In reality, the chemicals found in both semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes are thought not to be generally dangerous to pregnancy. There are semi-permanent hair dyes that use henna, a dye that comes from the henna tree. Henna had been used for decades to dye the skin and hair, and even clothing. Henna is one of the natural alternatives to change the shade of your hair color without having to worry if it will negatively affect your baby.

Henna stains and binds with the proteins on the skin or the hair thus creating a fast stain. It holds for some days and wears off gradually. There are other natural ways that have been used to color the hair, including the Morocco Method. This is a combination of indigo, chamomile, and calendula blended in henna to create a range of colors. Black walnut hall powder, black tea, and coffee are also used to darken the hair.

Precautions When Dyeing The Hair

Is It Safe to Dye the Hair

Should you decide to dye or have your hair dyed, make sure to do these things:

  • Follow the directions in the packaging of the products that you intend to use.
  • Have your hair colored in a well-ventilated room to lessen your exposure to the chemicals in the coloring product that may be released into the air during the process.
  • Wear gloves when applying the dye.
  • Make sure to leave the dye on the hair only as directed. Overexposure to the product will not only allow you to inhale probable irritants but may also damage the hair more.
  • Rinse your scalp thoroughly after having your hair dyed.
  • You may opt for a highlight instead of having all of your hair dyed. This will further lessen the risk that the process may bring.
  • Do it after the first trimester of your pregnancy. Many specialists and hair experts deem the first trimester to be the most critical. This period is when your baby’s brain is developing.

Does Pregnancy Affect How The Hair Respond To The Color Treatment?

Is It Safe to Dye the Hair

As mentioned earlier, pregnancy affects the condition of not just the skin and nails, but the hair as well. Hormonal imbalance during this period may either make you feel and look at your best or otherwise. The result of the color treatment process may not be as to how you expected it to be as a result. For instance, your hair may become more or less respondent to the treatment. It may also result in a more frizzy and lifeless hair.

To be sure, it is a good practice to do a strand test first to see how your hair will respond to the safe hair dye product that you will use.

So there you go, the answer to the question whether it is safe to dye the hair when pregnant or not is, “it depends.” It depends on several factors mentioned above. Again, if you still opt to color your hair, make sure that the product you will be using will be safe for your scalp and hair. Never use black henna as it is known to contain para-phenylenediamine (PPD) that cause allergic reactions and also dermatitis.

It can also be messy to apply to the hair, so it would help if you can request a friend to do it for you. Doing so will also lessen the probability of the dye getting into your scalp.

Have you tried dyeing your hair yourself? How did it go? What colors have you tried so far? Is there a particular product that works best for you? Is there any problem that you have encountered while dyeing your hair? Are there tips that you would like to share with our readers?

There are so many ways you can make your hair look its best even during pregnancy. The internet is an endless loop of information available for you to discover. If you chance upon a valuable information, do share it with others to make another pregnant woman or carer a lot easier.

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