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How to Cover Tattoo From Sun: The Best Ways to Prevent Damage

It is important to pay attention to long-term tattoo care to prevent the ink from fading and to keep its best appearance even through the years. There are many external elements that can cause damage, and the scorching heat of the sun is one that can be blamed. That being said, in the rest of this post, we will tackle some of the best ideas on how to cover tattoo from the sun to protect it from being damaged. From using the best sunscreen for tattoos to wearing the right clothing, be proactive in taking care of your ink!

What to Do After Getting a Tattoo

How to Cover Tattoo From Sun

When the tattoo is fresh, it can be prone to scabbing, basically because it is an open wound. At such point, it should be covered with a bandage or a plastic for about 24 to 36 hours. There are also medical tattoo tapes that can be used for sun protection and to prevent other damages. Do not touch or pick when it is new. At this point, it is also advisable to not go out and be under the heat of the sun.

For at least three weeks after being inked, do not soak the tattoo for a long time. Avoid hot baths, tubs, swimming pools, and the ocean. As much as possible, keep your showers short.

During this point, it is not advisable that you lather the tattoo with a sunscreen. The latter contains harsh ingredients that could infect the tattoo when it is still fresh. Wait until the tattoo has fully-healed before using a sunblock.

Long-Term Care from the Sun

Now, let us talk about the things that you can do for the long-term. Among others, the best way to cover the tattoo from the sun is to choose the right clothing. Keep the tattoo covered when you are going out. Cotton is a good material of choice because it is lightweight and breathable, which will be perfect to keep you comfortable, especially during the hot summer months.

Using a sunscreen is another essential element of long-term tattoo care. At the very least, the sunblock should have SPF 30. Apply before going outdoors. If you are at the beach, make sure to reapply based on the instructions from the manufacturer. Often, you will have to do so once every after 90 minutes. Exposure to the sun can cause the tattoo to fade. There are some sunscreens that are formulated specifically for tattoos. Nonetheless, most general-purpose sunscreens will already be sufficient for the job.

Another preventive step to avoid the tattoo from being damaged is to go out only at the right time. Avoid the peak hours as it can harm not only the tattoo, but it is also one of the leading causes of skin problems, including skin cancer.


Whether you have an old or new tattoo, pay attention to the things that have been mentioned above to protect it from problems that can be caused by the heat of the sun.

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