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How to Apply Makeup Like a Pro

They say, “ bold is beautiful”. There are different attributes that one can attach to boldness, nonetheless. It does not always have to be a daring look that grants one a second glance or be more appealing to others. Simple and classic shades that provide a more natural look may equally exude a captivating charm that can be perfect for daytime engagement. It may also be an enchanting and flawless face for a long evening out.

You may not always have a beautician by your side to create the perfect look that you want. However, you can learn how to apply a makeup like a pro in no time to be able to step forward feeling and being beautiful every time. This quick and easy tutorial will help you come out in the open looking fresh yet daring and ready to seize the day with a properly put on makeup.

Prepare Your Face For Makeup

It is essential that adequate preparation is done for a natural looking and flawless skin. With a properly prepped face, it will easier for you to blend in the right shades and won’t need to fix any inconsistencies on the skin. All you have to focus on is to create the right cover up for that glam look you always wanted.

Step 1. Clean Your Face

How to Apply Makeup Like a Pro

Always start with a clean surface. Wash your face thoroughly with soap and water to remove any oil and dirt that may still be clogging your pores. Use a facial cleanser to remove anything that soap and water might have left on your face.

Step 2. Use A Facial Toner

How to Apply Makeup Like a Pro

You can also use a facial toner to balance your skin’s pH level. It can also tighten the pores and make your skin feeling and looking younger.

Step 3. Apply Some Moisturizers

How to Apply Makeup Like a Pro

Your face needs to be properly hydrated to keep the skin healthy and radiantly glowing. Applying some moisturizer on your skin will provide an even and smooth finish.

Step 4. Wear Sunscreen

It is not enough to keep your skin clean and clear before you put on makeup. Remember that the requirements of the day may include getting exposed to the harmful rays of the sun for a few minutes to a few hours. It is a good practice to wear sunscreen every day. It is best if you can find one that offers full protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

Applying the Makeup

How to Apply Makeup Like a Pro

It may seem daunting at first, especially for someone who may have counted on another person to put on makeup for her. Once you have gone through a session once, however, you won’t have any problem doing it next time.

Have the things that you need ready: primer, foundation, concealer, blush/bronzer, pressed powder, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, and lipstick/lipgloss. It is important that you have the products that best suit your need.

Once your done with prepping phase, you can move on this step.

  1. Apply a primer. Doing this step will allow you to wear a perfectly smooth makeup longer. Make sure that you cover every inch of your face with it.
  2. Apply foundation. Choose one that has the same color as your skin tone. Compare it with the the skin on your chest as it is the closest match to that of your face. Blend the product well on your face, jawline, and neck. .
  3. Apply the concealer. Concealers are used to cover imperfections like blemishes and dark circles on the eyes. Use one that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. Dab the concealer with your ring finger under the eye and on spots where there are imperfections. Blend well especially on the edges so it will mix well with the foundation.
  4. Set the foundation. You can use a pressed or compact powder to even out the first products that you have applied to your face. Choose a pressed powder that matches your skin tone so it will even out everything when blended using buffing brush.

Enhancing Your Features

Once your face is already set, you can follow through with the next few steps to enhance your eyes, brows, lips, and other facial features.

Make Those Eyes Smile

Enhance your eyes. Use a high quality eyeliner and mascara to define your upper and lower lash line. Blend in some neutral eye shadow upward your eye lids. Then, use an eyelash curler before putting on mascara. For the best-looking lashes, place the mascara brush near the roots of the lashes and swipe back and forth to the tips. Make sure not to clump the product on your lashes,though. End with a spoolie brush for a clean and natural-looking finish.

Define Your Eyebrows

How to Apply Makeup Like a Pro

Use small strokes with a pencil eyebrow that matches the color of your brows. The strokes should create the image of small hairs filling the visible gaps.

Add A Cheeky Glow

Apply blush to your cheekbones to create a fresh and healthy look. You can also add some appealing shimmer to the bridge of your nose and under the brow bone.

Work On That Pout

You may have an enigmatic smile, but if your lips are dry or pale, it will lose its charm. To create that perfect look, you also need to work on that pout. You can either use nude colors or go loud with the shade as long as it works well with your personality, occasion, and your outfit. To make your lipstick last longer, place a square of thin tissue in between your relaxed closed lips. Then, dab some loose powder into the tissue that is placed against your lips using a powder brush. This will set the lipstick on your lips and allow you to wear the color longer.

When doing your makeup make sure that you use gentle strokes especially when you are doing your eyes. Do not rub beauty products on your face, instead dab them gently with your fingers, makeup sponge or brush.

Before you end your makeup session, make sure to wash sponge and brushes first. Keep your beauty kit in a cool and dry place. Then wash your hands thoroughly.

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